Mailbag: The 1965 Congressional Club Cook Book

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"Too Incompetent to Sell Out": that's the Cooking With the Congressional Club Promise.

That said, we are always elated to receive ANCIENT TREASURES from friends of the Clog. Get a load of this early Christmas gift from Warren and Katie in Iowa City, IA: 

A rare glimpse of early American furry porn.
The 1965 Congressional Club Cook Book (seventh edition!) is a beautiful, slick-paged tome full of rich illustrations of sexy housewives wearing mascot heads. We're not kidding. If you've ever wanted to see a thimble-waisted woman with a donkey head bending over to slide a tray of "Alaska Logs" into a hot oven...well, you can come over and peruse the book. Just wear (long, white, evening) gloves and keep your hands where we can see them. 

The foreword alludes to a 1955 "fifth edition" in which the recipes all appeared in the handwriting of their contributors. If anyone finds this in the know what to do.

Bonus: Lady Bird Johnson, who assembled the book, solicited ADVERTISERS for the back matter. We have to wonder how Nancy Reagan, who coordinated our beloved 1982 edition, missed an easy opportunity to capitalize on...well, capitalism. 

Plus, the ads are great:

"You'd think a woman did it." 
The ad copy is so confusing, Liz isn't sure whether she should feel complimented or offended.

That's the '60s for you, Dollface. 

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